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Full Version: Final Render Pack
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If the title of this pack doesn't give a big enough hint, this will be my final pack. I started rendering back in highschool and didn't even know what it was called, all I knew is I enjoyed doing it. Over the last year or so it's started to feel more like a chore so I've been doing less and less, even forgetting to upload them to the index for months. A month or so ago I decided to stop adding to my To Do folder and wrap it up, so here it is.

Along with this final pack I'm doing two more things. Frist, my Ultimate Pack that can be found HERE. Second, posting permission for all my packs, down below there is also a download link to a .rar file with a bunch of text files in it for all my 1000 render packs(this pack and the Ultimate one will be seperate since they are the newest). I only ask that you name the thread title the way it is named in the text file(minus the _'s obviously)

Final Pack post info: Sneakys_Final_Render_Pack.txt
UBERMEGAHUGE Pack post info: Sneakys_Ultimate_Render_Pack.txt
All 1000's packs and specialty packs posting info: All_Sneakys_Render_Packs.rar

[Image: Final_Pack_Preview.png]

Pack Download

Renders as of April 10, 2014 through February 27, 2015.

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